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“I had as composition teacher in Israel professor Sergu Natra, who received in a very young age the George Onesku price in Bucharest Romania. He teached me composition, harmony and counter point, instrumentation and above all culture. From Oliver Messian to Jopessen, from Krenek to Schoenberg.


My first serious composition was the brass quintet and later on I was studying in Masterclasses and courses who is Henry Dutier and Vittolt Lutoslavkji and Dietter Kaufmann. Most of my compositions have been written between the year 74 and 82, including a commission by the Israel Philharmonic orchestra.


Many doubts about why to write music after all the great masters conducting incredible many concerts studying many schools, being director of orchestra and opera houses, maybe force me to stop writing music, almost completely.


But I still want to.“

  • “Frogs” Brass Trio in 3 Movements

  • “Rondo for brass quintet” (1972, revised 1980) 

  • "Il cantico di frate sole” for magnetic tape (1978)

  • “David and Galiat” for soprano, oboe, 3 trombones and tuba (1978)

  • “Heine Lieder” for Mezzo Soprano and 3 clarinettes (1980)

  • "Acoustics” for piano (1980)

  • “Ahavat Hadassa” for 2 flutes and piano (1982)

  • “Mild und leise…” trio for flute, viola and cello (1982)

  • “Sfirot I” for viola and Piano (1983)

  • “Farbenlehre” for trombone solo (1984)

  • "Music for Oboe, brass quartet, harp, percussions and contrabass" (1995)

  • “Orchester Stück” (1979)

  • “Sfirot IV” for 10 woodwinds, 2 trumpets, tumbler bells and tam-tam

  • “Salve o Regina”, Orchestration Monteverdi for orchestra 

  • “Lamento di Arianna”, Orchestration Monteverdi (1989)

  • “Sfirot II” for orchestra (1984)

  • “Sfirot III” for orchestra (1985-1986)

  • “il cantico di frate sole” for magnetic tape (1978)


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